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Piper Betel | Betel Leaf Plant | Big Leaf Paan

Piper Betel | Betel Leaf Plant | Big Leaf Paan

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The Piper betel plant, also known as the betel leaf plant or paan plant, is a tropical climbing vine native to Southeast Asia. It is commonly grown for its glossy, heart-shaped leaves which are used in the traditional practice of chewing betel nut, a stimulant and social custom in many parts of Asia.

The plant is grown in warm, humid conditions and requires well-draining soil and frequent watering. It can reach heights of up to 10 meters when grown vertically and can be trained to grow along horizontal supports as well.

In addition to its use in betel chewing, the Piper betel plant has a number of medicinal properties. Its leaves are believed to have anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effects and are used to treat a variety of ailments including toothache, nausea, and sore throat.

Despite its cultural and medicinal importance, the Piper betel plant is listed as a vulnerable species due to habitat loss and over-collection for use in traditional practices. Efforts are being made to conserve and sustainably cultivate the plant in order to preserve its traditional and medicinal uses for future generations.


Bright direct Sunlight is recommended.


Three times in a week will be sufficient Bright direct Sunlight is recommended.

Note: Plant may slightly differ from shown image depending on Season and growth pattern

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