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Hydrangea Mophead | Hydrangea macrophylla Plant ( Multicolor )

Hydrangea Mophead | Hydrangea macrophylla Plant ( Multicolor )

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Live Hydrangea Flower Plant along with a plastic pot
colours: Red, Pink, Blue, Purple, White
plant height with pot is 12-18 inches and pot size is 6 inches in diameter

Note: Plant may slightly differ from shown image depending on Season and growth pattern

Hydrangea Mophead Plant

The Hydrangea mophead  (Hydrangea macrophylla), also known as lacecap hydrangea or bigleaf hydrangea, belongs to the hydrangea genus (Hydrangea) in the family Hydrangeace. The terms bigleaf and mophead hydrangea also include some beautiful hybrid cultivars. The mophead hydrangea grows as an erect half-shrub and grows about 1 to 2 meters high and up to 2.5 meters wide. It forms opposite, up to 15 centimetres long, elliptically pointed leaves. These appear in an intense green, their leaf edge is toothed. During the flowering period from June to September, numerous umbrella panicles open above the foliage, consisting of sterile show flowers and hidden fertile flowers. The umbrella panicles have a flattened or spherical shape, with the spherical flowerheads being completely sterile.

The flowers are produced in large, round clusters called corymbs, which can range in color from blue, pink, purple, and white depending on the soil pH. In acidic soils, the flowers tend to be blue, while in alkaline soils, they tend to be pink.

Hydrangea macrophylla is a beautiful and versatile plant that can provide stunning blooms and add visual interest to any garden.

  1. Light: Hydrangea macrophylla prefers partial shade, meaning it needs around 4-6 hours of sunlight per day. Too much sun can cause leaf scorch and flower color to fade, while too little sun can result in poor flowering.
  2. Watering: Keep the soil moist, but not waterlogged. Water deeply once or twice a week, depending on weather conditions. Avoid overhead watering, as this can lead to fungal diseases.
  3. Soil: Hydrangea macrophylla prefers well-draining, loamy soil that is rich in organic matter. A pH of around 5.5-6.5 is ideal for blue flowers, while a pH of 6.5-7.5 is ideal for pink flowers.
  4. Fertilizer: Fertilize once a month during the growing season (spring and summer) with a balanced fertilizer, such as a 10-10-10. Avoid high-nitrogen fertilizers, as they can promote leaf growth at the expense of flower production.
  5. Pruning: Prune in late winter or early spring before new growth appears. Remove any dead, damaged, or crossing branches, and cut back any old wood to encourage new growth and more blooms.
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