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Margosa | Meetha Neem | Kadi Patta - Plant

Margosa | Meetha Neem | Kadi Patta - Plant

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All measurements are presented as a range because each plant is unique; its size and shape vary with the season.
4"inches pot: Plant height :- 6"-8"inches
6"inches pot: Plant height :- 12"-18"inches

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Margosa, also known as Neem, is a tropical evergreen tree that belongs to the mahogany family. It is native to India and is widely cultivated in many parts of the world for its medicinal properties and as a source of firewood.

The tree can grow up to 20-30 meters in height and has a wide and spreading crown. The leaves are dark green and glossy, and the flowers are small and white. The fruit is a drupe that is about the size of an olive and contains a single seed.

Margosa has been used in traditional medicine for centuries in India and other parts of Asia. The leaves, bark, and seeds of the tree contain compounds that have antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and insecticidal properties. It is commonly used to treat skin conditions, fever, and digestive disorders.

In addition to its medicinal uses, Margosa is also an important source of firewood and charcoal in many parts of the world. The tree is also used in agroforestry systems as a shade tree and to improve soil fertility.

Overall, Margosa is a versatile and valuable plant that has many uses in traditional medicine and agriculture. Its medicinal properties have been studied extensively and its usefulness in agriculture makes it an important crop for many countries.



Bright direct Sunlight is recommended.


Three times in a week will be sufficient Bright direct Sunlight is recommended.

Note: Plant may slightly differ from shown image depending on Season and growth pattern

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