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Bignonia Megapotamica (Tabebuia Pallida) - Plant

Bignonia Megapotamica (Tabebuia Pallida) - Plant

Bignonia Megapotamica

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12-18 inches tall Plant


Live Plant along with a Plastic Pot.
Plant height is 12"-18" inches in Medium size Pot.
Plant height is 18"-24" inches in Large size Pot.
Low maintenance, fast growing, flowering plant, Useful for gardens, parks & landscapes.

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Bignonia Megapotamica (Tabebuia Pallida) - Plant

Bignonia Megapotamica, also known as Tabebuia Pallida. It is a stunning flowering tree native to South America. This ornamental plant thrives in outdoor settings, particularly in tropical and subtropical regions. Its showy, trumpet-shaped flowers in vibrant shades of pink, purple, and white. It is a favorite for enhancing gardens and landscapes.

Bignonia Megapotamica is not only visually striking, but it also attracts pollinators like bees and hummingbirds, adding biodiversity to your garden. While primarily an outdoor plant. The Bignonia Megapotamica is celebrated for its resilience, fast growth, and ability to thrive in various soil types. Embrace this tropical beauty for a lush, colorful environment.

Features of Bignonia Megapotamica Plant :-

  • Showy Flowers: Vibrant pink, purple, and white trumpet-shaped blooms.
  • Outdoor Plant: Thrives in tropical and subtropical climates.
  • Pollinator-Friendly: Attracts bees and hummingbirds.
  • Resilient: Tolerates various soil types.
  • Fast Growth: Rapid development, providing quick visual impact.
  • Ornamental Use: Enhances gardens and landscapes with its striking appearance.
  1. Sunlight: Prefers full sun to partial shade for optimal growth and flowering.
  2. Watering: Water regularly, keeping the soil consistently moist but not waterlogged; reduce watering in winter.
  3. Pruning: Prune lightly after flowering to maintain shape and remove dead or damaged branches.
  4. Fertilization: Feed with a balanced, slow-release fertilizer in spring and summer.

Note: Plant may slightly differ from shown image depending on Season and growth pattern

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