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Aglaonema Thailand Red (Valentine Aglaonema) - Plant

Aglaonema Thailand Red (Valentine Aglaonema) - Plant

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Live Plant along with a Plastic Pot.
Plant height is 8"-10" in Small size Pot.
Low maintenance, air-purifier plant, Useful for homes, offices, gift plant and table top.

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Aglaonema Thailand Red (Valentine Aglaonema) - Plant

The Aglaonema Thailand Red is also known as the Valentine Aglaonema. It is  a stunning plant that adds a touch of elegance to any space. Originating from Thailand. This vibrant plant belongs to the Aglaonema genus, thriving in tropical climates. Perfect for indoor settings.

The Thailand Red prefers well-draining soil and indirect light, making it an ideal choice for homes or offices. Its lush red and green foliage not only enhances aesthetic appeal but also improves indoor air quality by purifying it. Embrace the uniqueness of the Valentine Aglaonema, a symbol of love and natural beauty, bringing joy to your indoor sanctuary.

Features of Aglaonema Thailand Red Plant :-

  1. Location: Thrives in tropical climates, making it a perfect addition to indoor spaces.

  2. Placement: Ideal for indoors, it flourishes in well-draining soil and prefers indirect light.

  3. Foliage: Characterized by lush red and green leaves, adding a vibrant and aesthetic touch to any environment.

  4. Air Purification: Beyond its beauty, the plant contributes to indoor air quality by naturally purifying the surroundings.

  5. Symbolism: Known as the Valentine Aglaonema, it symbolizes love and brings natural beauty to your living space.

  1. Light: Thrives in indirect, filtered light.
  2. Watering: Keep soil consistently moist but not soggy.
  3. Soil: Well-draining potting mix.
  4. Fertilization: Feed during the growing season (spring and summer).
  5. Pruning: Trim yellow or damaged leaves for optimal health.

Note: Plant may slightly differ from shown image depending on Season and growth pattern

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