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Perlite Organic Soil (500gms & 1kg)

Perlite Organic Soil (500gms & 1kg)

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Perlite Organic Soil are available in 500gms & 1kg packet.

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Perlite Organic Soil (500gms & 1kg)

Perlite organic soil is a horticultural amendment derived from volcanic glass, known for its lightweight and porous properties. When heated, perlite expands, creating small, white, bead-like particles that are commonly added to potting mixes. Its primary benefits include improving soil aeration, enhancing drainage, and retaining moisture without becoming waterlogged.

This makes perlite an excellent choice for potted plants, seed starting, and hydroponic systems. Its neutral pH and sterile nature ensure it doesn't introduce diseases or pests to your plants. Ideal for various gardening applications, perlite helps promote healthy root development and overall plant growth.


  • Lightweight: Reduces overall weight of potting mixes.
  • Porous Structure: Excellent aeration and drainage.
  • Moisture Retention: Holds moisture, prevents waterlogging.
  • Neutral pH: Suitable for various plants.
  • Sterile: Free from pathogens and weed seeds.
  • Inorganic: Maintains soil structure long-term.
  • Versatile Use: Great for potting mixes, seed starting, hydroponics, and soil conditioning.
  • Light Reflection: Enhances plant growth in indoor settings.
  1. Mix Properly: Combine with soil or potting mix for optimal aeration and drainage.
  2. Avoid Overuse: Use in moderation to prevent soil from becoming too loose.
  3. Clean Before Use: Rinse perlite to remove dust before adding to soil.
  4. Store in Dry Place: Keep unused perlite in a dry, sealed container to prevent contamination.
  5. Monitor Moisture Levels: Regularly check soil moisture as perlite improves drainage.

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