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Organic Cow Dung Cake (Big Size) I गाय के गोबर के उपले

Organic Cow Dung Cake (Big Size) I गाय के गोबर के उपले

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Organic Homemade Pure Cow Dung Cake Set of 5 PC (Big Size)
Organic Homemade Pure Cow Dung Cake Set of 10 PC (Big Size)
Very useful to be to purifying the atmosphere.
It is used to purify the air as it is said to release oxygen when burnt with ghee.

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Organic Cow Dung Cake (Big Size

Organic cow dung cakes, or "gobar uple" in Hindi, are large-sized disks made from dried and compressed cow dung. Widely used in Indian culture for various purposes, these cakes serve as a traditional, eco-friendly fuel source for cooking, religious ceremonies, and heating in rural areas. The dung is collected, dried, and shaped into round cakes, offering a slow and steady burn, emitting minimal smoke and a natural fragrance when used. Beyond fuel, they're also employed in organic farming as a nutrient-rich fertilizer, enhancing soil quality and aiding plant growth. These dung cakes reflect a sustainable and age-old practice deeply rooted in Indian traditions and agricultural practices.

How to Use

  1. As Fuel:

    • Place the dung cake in a stove or designated burning area.
    • Ignite it with a match or lighter.
    • Allow it to burn steadily for cooking or heating.
  2. As Fertilizer:

    • Break the cake into smaller pieces.
    • Mix it into soil around plants or spread evenly in fields.
    • Water the area for better absorption of nutrients.


  • Eco-friendly fuel source
  • Low smoke emission
  • Natural odor repellent
  • Cultural and religious significance
  • Rich organic fertilizer
  • Enhances soil fertility
  • Affordable and easily accessible
  • Keep in a dry place to maintain their solidity.
  • Protect from moisture to prevent deterioration.
  • Handle with care to avoid breakage.
  • Store away from direct sunlight to retain quality.

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