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Mosambi, Sweet Lime (Grafted)

Mosambi, Sweet Lime (Grafted)

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All measurements are presented as a range because each plant is unique; its size and shape vary with the season
6"inches pot :- Plant height :- 18"-24"inches

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Mosambi, Sweet Lime (Grafted) – Plant

Mosambi Plant, Citrus limetta, alternatively considered to be a cultivar of Citrus limonC. It is a member of the sweet lemon. It is small and round like a common lime in shape. Sweet lime is a citrus tree that is also known as Sweet lemon. Sweet lime is a perennial evergreen with aggressive thorns. It thrives in tropical, subtropical, and Mediterranean climates.
Mosambi Plant, Sweet Lime is a member of the Rutaceae family. When ripe, the taste of seasonings ranges from mildly acidic to extremely sweet. The branches are smooth, the branches are irregular and prickly. The slightly oval fruit has a green skin that turns yellowish when ripe. A thin-skinned fruit yields more mosambi juice with franganant white flower. In this, the fruits ripen on the tree itself and do not ripen further after harvesting. Therefore, they should not be plucked until the fruit is ripe.


Twice a year, in May/June and September/October (after the rains start), all trees get two or three kilos per tree (depending on the size of the tree) of a citrus fertilizer compound which is sprinkled about one meter from the trunk (it must not touch the trunk). This is a mixture of nitrogen (20 percent), phosphorus pentoxide (12.2 percent), potassium oxide (10 percent), magnesium oxide 2 percent), and sulfur trioxide (10 percent). In addition to this, occasionally when trees seem to need it (yellowing leaves or general weakening), they get an additional small amount of magnesium.


The harvest season is usually between June and September, depending on the variety. Fruit matures three to five months after flowering. Mangos should be picked before they are fully ripe, at which time they soften and fall. Fruits are usually picked after they develop some red, orange, or yellow color. Mangos will ripen and may be picked when the flesh inside has turned yellow, regardless of exterior color.

What makes it special:


  • Powerhouse of Vitamin C.
  • Detoxifies the body.
  • Perfect plant for outdoor.
  • Strengthens Hair,
  • Boosts Energy
  • Good for Eyes
Common Name Mosambi (sweet lime), Mausammi, sweet orange, Persian lime, sweet limetta, sweet lime, sweet lemon and Mausammi
Propagation Method Grafted
Mature Duration 1.5 to 2 years (June and September)
Plant Age 3 Months


Bright direct Sunlight is recommended.


Water alternately, Do not too moist the soil. Bright direct Sunlight is recommended.

Note: Plant may slightly differ from shown image depending on Season and growth pattern

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