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Ficus Lyrata Dwarf | Fiddle leaf Fig Bambino

Ficus Lyrata Dwarf | Fiddle leaf Fig Bambino

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All measurements are presented as a range because each plant is unique; its size and shape vary with the season.
Plant height will be 6-8 inches in 4"nch pot.
Plant height will be 12-18 inches in 6"inch pot.
Plant height will be 24-28 inches in 8"inch pot.
Plant height will be 24-28 inches of 3 shoots plant in 8"inch pot.

Note: Plant may slightly differ from shown image depending on Season and growth pattern

Ficus Lyrata Dwarf

Ficus Lyrata, also known as the fiddle-leaf fig,  is a popular indoor plant known for its large, glossy, fiddle-shaped leaves. It is native to the rainforests of West Africa and is often used as a houseplant due to its ability to thrive in a variety of conditions. 

Bambino is a cultivar of the fiddle leaf fig, which means it is a specific variety that has been selectively bred for specific traits. Fiddle leaf fig Bambino plants are known for their small size and compact growth habit, making them well-suited for small spaces or for use as a tabletop plant. They have the same glossy, dark green leaves as regular fiddle leaf figs, but they typically stay smaller in size, reaching only about 2-3 feet in height. Like other fiddle leaf figs, Bambino plants prefer bright, indirect light and need to be watered regularly to keep the soil moist but not soggy. They are relatively easy to care for and make a beautiful addition to any indoor space.


  1. Size: The Ficus Lyrata Dwarf grows up to 3-4 feet tall, which makes it perfect for small spaces, such as apartments or offices.

  2. Leaves: Its leaves are thick, leathery, and shaped like violins or fiddles, hence the name "fiddle leaf." They are a bright, glossy green color, which gives the plant a vibrant look.

  3. Care: This plant requires moderate care and is fairly easy to care for. It needs bright, indirect light, and it should be watered when the top inch of soil feels dry to the touch.

  4. Air Purification: Like many other indoor plants, Ficus Lyrata Dwarf can help purify the air by removing toxins and impurities.

  5. Aesthetic Value: The Fiddle Leaf Fig Bambino is an excellent choice for indoor decoration due to its aesthetic value. Its lush green foliage and distinctive shape can add a touch of nature to any room.

  6. Pet-Friendly: The Ficus Lyrata Dwarf is considered pet-friendly, which means it won't harm your pets if they accidentally ingest its leaves or other parts.


Bright Indirect Sunlight is recommended, Fiddle leaf Fig Bambino is Also suitable for low-light conditions


Once a week will be sufficient Bright Indirect Sunlight is recommended, Fiddle leaf Fig Bambino is Also suitable for low-light conditions
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