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Date Palm (Phoenix Dactylifera) - Tree

Date Palm (Phoenix Dactylifera) - Tree

Phoenix Dactylifera

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6 feet tall plant


Exclusive live plant available in whole sale for bulk orders.
Plant height is 6 feet in Extra Large size.
Plant height is 12 feet in Double Extra Large size.
Low maintenance, outdoor, fruit plants, Useful for gardens, lawn, resort, water park and landscapes.

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Date Palm (Phoenix Dactylifera) - Tree

The Date Palm is scientifically know as Phoenix dactylifera. It is a majestic tree known for its sweet, edible fruits. Native to the Middle East and North Africa, it thrives in hot, arid climates. This versatile plant can be grown outdoors, making it a popular choice for gardens, lawn, resort, water park and landscapes. Outdoors, it can reach impressive heights, adding a tropical touch to any garden.

A unique feature of the Date Palm is its ability to produce dates, a nutritious fruit rich in vitamins and minerals. Its graceful, arching fronds also provide excellent ornamental value.

Features of Date Palm Tree :-

  • Edible Fruits: Produces sweet, nutritious dates rich in vitamins and minerals.
  • Versatile Growth: Can be grown outdoors.
  • Height: Can reach impressive heights when grown outdoors, adding a tropical aesthetic.
  • Ornamental Value: Features graceful, arching fronds that enhance any landscape.
  • Drought Tolerant: Well-suited to hot, arid climates.
  • Longevity: Known for its long lifespan and durability.
  • Cultural Significance: Holds historical and cultural importance in many regions.


  1. Light: Provide full sun to partial shade; bright, indirect light if grown indoors.
  2. Watering: Water deeply and allow the soil to dry out between waterings; reduce frequency in cooler months.
  3. Fertilizing: Feed with a balanced, slow-release fertilizer during the growing season (spring and summer).
  4. Pruning: Remove dead or damaged fronds to maintain plant health and appearance.

Note: Plant may slightly differ from shown image depending on Season and growth pattern

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