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Cocoliner pole, Coir pole, Plant Supporting Stick (Wholesale)

Cocoliner pole, Coir pole, Plant Supporting Stick (Wholesale)

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Coco poles size
Minimum order quantity 12.
Height- 18"inch.
Width - 2.5"inch diameter.
Extend the length by inserting the second pole into the first pole.
Perfectly suited for Creeping plants and Vines.

Note: Plant may slightly differ from shown image depending on Season and growth pattern


Cocoliner Supporting Poles, also known as Coir Poles, are eco-friendly and sustainable gardening and horticultural accessories designed to support climbing plants like creepers, vines, and other climbing species. These poles are made from natural coconut coir fibers, which are derived from the husk of coconuts. They serve as an excellent alternative to traditional bamboo or wooden stakes for providing structural support to plants while also promoting better growth and anchorage.

Detailed description of Cocoliner Supporting Poles:-

Material: Coir poles are primarily composed of coconut coir, which is a natural and renewable resource. Coir is the fibrous material extracted from the outer husk of coconuts.
Structure: Coir poles are typically cylindrical in shape and come in various lengths and diameters to suit different plant species and garden requirements.
  • Cocoliner Supporting Poles are commonly used in indoor and outdoor gardening, landscaping, and horticulture.
  • They are ideal for supporting a variety of climbing plants, including ivy, pothos, money plant, and various flowering vines.

Installation: Coir poles can be installed in the ground or in pots and containers, providing vertical support for plants to grow against.


  • Excellent support: Coir poles offer sturdy support for climbing plants, helping them grow vertically and reducing the risk of them collapsing or leaning over.
  • Aids in root development: As plants grow, their roots can penetrate the coir fiber, anchoring them securely and promoting healthy root development.
  • Natural appearance: Coir poles have a natural and rustic appearance, blending well with garden surroundings and creating an aesthetic, organic look.
  • Biodegradable: Coir is biodegradable and can decompose over time, leaving no harmful residues in the soil or environment.

Feature of Coir Poles :-

  1. Eco-friendly: Made from natural coconut coir fibers.
  2. Sturdy support for climbing plants.
  3. Promotes healthy plant growth.
  4. Natural and rustic appearance.
  5. Available in various sizes.
  6. Versatile indoor and outdoor use.
  7. Easy installation and minimal maintenance.
  8. Non-toxic and safe for plants.
  9. Widely accessible in garden stores.
  • Watering: Keep the coir pole consistently moist to provide a suitable environment for plant roots.
  • Support: Secure the pole in the soil or pot to ensure stability for climbing plants.
  • Training: Gently tie and guide plants as they grow to encourage them to cling to and climb the coir pole.
  • Maintenance: Regularly check for signs of wear and replace as needed, as coir poles can degrade over time.
  • Fertilization: Provide appropriate plant nutrition as climbing plants often have higher nutrient requirements.
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