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Strawberry Guava (Dark Red) | Chinese Guava – Plants

Strawberry Guava (Dark Red) | Chinese Guava – Plants

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All measurements are presented as a range because each plant is unique; its size and shape vary with the season
6"inches pot :- Plant height :- 12"-18"inches

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Strawberry Guava(Dark Red) | Amrud - Plants

The Strawberry Guava, scientifically known as Psidium cattleianum, is a small evergreen shrub or tree that is native to South America but is widely cultivated in various regions around the world. This plant is highly regarded for its delicious fruit, which bears a striking resemblance to strawberries in both appearance and flavor.

The Strawberry Guava plant typically reaches a height of 6 to 15 feet (1.8 to 4.5 meters) and features a dense and compact growth habit. Its oval-shaped leaves are glossy and dark green, providing an attractive backdrop to the vibrant fruit that develops during the fruiting season.

Whether grown for its ornamental value or its delectable fruit, the Strawberry Guava plant is an appealing choice for gardeners seeking a unique and flavorful addition to their gardens or landscapes. Its beautiful dark-colored fruit and delightful taste make it a standout variety among guava enthusiasts.


  • Strawberry Guava has high amounts of fibre that improves your digestion.
  • It is high in lycopene that has antioxidant properties and helps prevent cancer.
  • Reduce blood sugar levels and helps fight diabetes, and in addition, can also regulate blood pressure.
  • Fortifies your immune system as it is rich in Vitamin C and other antioxidants that are good for skin
  • Produces fruit throughout the year
  • Location: Place your black Chinese guava plant in a spot that receives full to partial sunlight, preferably 6-8 hours of sunlight per day.
  • Watering: Keep the soil evenly moist but not waterlogged. Water the plant when the top inch of soil feels dry, usually once or twice a week depending on the weather.
  • Soil: Plant your guava in well-draining soil that is rich in organic matter. Avoid waterlogged or compacted soil.
  • Fertilizer: Feed your plant with a balanced, slow-release fertilizer during the growing season (spring and summer) to promote healthy growth.
  • Pruning: Prune your black Chinese guava plant regularly to maintain its shape and remove any dead, damaged, or diseased branches. Pruning also helps improve air circulation within the plant.

Note: Plant may slightly differ from shown image depending on Season and growth pattern

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