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Caladium Strawberry, Star - Plant

Caladium Strawberry, Star - Plant

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Live plant along with the plastic pot.
Plant available in Medium size (6 inch") Pot.

Note: Plant may slightly differ from shown image depending on Season and growth pattern

Caladium Strawberry Plant

Caladium Strawberry is a type of tropical plant known for its large, heart-shaped leaves that feature bold splashes of pink, red, and green colors. It is a member of the Araceae family and is native to South America.

The Caladium Strawberry plant grows up to 18-24 inches tall and 12-18 inches wide, and its leaves can reach up to 8-12 inches in length. The leaves are typically light green in color with bright pink or red markings that resemble strawberries, giving the plant its name. The leaves also have a glossy finish, which adds to their visual appeal.

Caladium Strawberry plants are typically grown as indoor houseplants or in shaded outdoor locations. They require warm temperatures and high humidity to thrive and should be watered regularly to keep the soil moist. The plants can also benefit from occasional fertilization during the growing season.

Overall, Caladium Strawberry plants are popular among gardeners and plant enthusiasts for their striking foliage and ease of care.


  1. Lighting: Caladium Strawberry plants prefer bright, indirect sunlight. Too much direct sunlight can scorch the leaves, while too little light can cause the colors to fade.
  2. Watering: Keep the soil moist but not waterlogged. Caladium Strawberry plants require consistent watering during the growing season, but overwatering can lead to root rot. Check the soil regularly and water when the top inch of soil feels dry to the touch.
  3. Fertilization: During the growing season, fertilize the plant every 2-3 weeks with a balanced fertilizer.
  4. Pruning: Remove any yellow or brown leaves as they appear to promote new growth. You can also pinch back the tips of the plant to encourage bushier growth.
  5. Potting: Caladium Strawberry plants should be planted in well-draining soil in a container with drainage holes. Repot the plant every 2-3 years to refresh the soil and provide room for growth.
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