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Blue Arrow Juniperus "Wichita Blue" - Plants

Blue Arrow Juniperus "Wichita Blue" - Plants

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All measurements are presented as a range because each plant is unique; its size and shape vary with the season.
6" inches pot and Plant height -: 12"-18" inches
8" inches pot and Plant height -: 24"-36" inches

Note: Plant may slightly differ from shown image depending on Season and growth pattern

Juniperus Scopulorum Plants

The Blue Arrow Juniper (Juniperus scopulorum "Wichita Blue") is a popular ornamental plant that is prized for its striking blue-green foliage and upright, columnar growth habit. It is native to the United States and can be found growing in the wild in parts of Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas.

One of the key features of the Blue Arrow Juniper is its narrow, upright form, which makes it an excellent choice for use as a vertical accent in the landscape. It can grow up to 20 feet tall and has a spread of only 2-3 feet, making it well-suited for planting in small gardens or along walkways and borders.

In terms of care, the Blue Arrow Juniper is relatively low maintenance. It prefers well-draining soil and full sun, and is tolerant of drought and cold temperatures. It does not require regular pruning, but can be trimmed to maintain its desired shape if desired.

  • Sunlight: Place in full sun to partial shade. Junipers prefer at least 6 hours of sunlight daily.
  • Watering: Water deeply but infrequently, allowing the soil to dry between waterings. Avoid waterlogging the roots.
  • Soil: Well-draining soil is essential for Juniperus Scopulorum. Use a mix of loam and sand for optimal growth.
  • Fertilization: Fertilize once a year in early spring with a balanced, slow-release fertilizer formulated for evergreens.
  • Pruning: Minimal pruning is required. Trim to maintain the desired shape and remove dead or damaged branches.
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