Money Plant leaves turning Yellow !

Q. Why the Leaf of My Money Plant (Pothos) Turning Yellow?

If you are the proud owner of a money plant, also known as pothos or devil's ivy, you may have observed the yellowing of its leaves. It can be quite alarming to observe your plant's leaves losing their vibrant green color. But do not fear! In this article, we will discuss the most likely causes for the yellowing of your money plant's leaves and offer solutions.

Key Points:

  1. Overwatering
  2. Underwatering
  3. Poor drainage and root rot
  4. Insufficient light
  5. Nutrient deficiency



1. Overwatering

how to intercept overwatering
One of the most common reasons for yellowing leaves in a money plant is overwatering. Pothos plants prefer slightly moist soil, but excessive watering can lead to waterlogged roots. As a result, the roots can neither absorb oxygen nor nutrients properly, causing the leaves to yellow and even wilt. To prevent overwatering, ensure the top inch of the soil is dry before watering your plant. Also, make sure the pot has drainage holes to allow excess water to escape.

2. Undewatering 

 how to prevent underwatering

Underwatering, on the other hand, can result in yellow foliage. Money plants demand frequent watering, especially during the summer. When the soil becomes too dry, the plant becomes stressed and exhibits signs such as yellowing leaves. Water your pothos well when the top inch of soil feels dry to the touch to avoid this. However, do not leave the plant in standing water as this might cause root rot.

3. Poor Drainage and Root Rot

how to prevent root rot
Speaking about root rot, inadequate drainage is another cause of yellowing leaves. Excess water can build up around the roots of your money plant if it is put in poorly draining soil, which will eventually cause the roots to rot. Rotting roots are unable to supply the leaves with enough nutrition, which causes yellowing and even browning. Use a pot with drainage holes and well-draining soil when planting your money plant to avoid root rot.

4. Insufficient Light

Insufficient light causes the yellow leaf
Money plants prefer direct, strong light to grow. Your plant may start to show fading leaves if it doesn't get enough light. The photosynthetic process can be hampered by a lack of light, which will reduce the plant's capacity to create chlorophyll, which gives leaves their green hue. Move your plant to a location with brighter, indirect sunlight to solve this problem.

5. Nutrient Deficiency

 Nutrient Deficiency
Last but not least, a money plant's yellow leaves might also be caused by a lack of vital nutrients. Regular feedings of pothos plants with a balanced houseplant fertilizer are beneficial. Yellowing leaves can be a symptom of nutrient inadequacies, such as an iron or nitrogen deficiency. Follow the dose instructions on the fertilizer container to make sure you're giving your money plant the right nutrients.

In conclusion, a number of conditions, including overwatering, underwatering, inadequate drainage, insufficient light, and nutritional deficiencies, can cause the yellowing of money plant leaves. You can aid your money plant in regaining its lush, green appearance by attending to these essential issues. Don't forget to give your beloved pothos plant the right attention and care to preserve its long-term health and vitality. Enjoy your gardening!
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